English 1900C Introduction to Language and Literature (2013)

Dr. Kiki Benzon kiki.benzon@me.com
Office Hours: by appointment

English 1900C
Introduction to Language and Literature

 MW 16:00 pm – 17:15 pm W565

Teaching Assistants

Rylan Spenrath rylan.spenrath@uleth.ca

Jessica Ruzek jessica.ruzek3@uleth.ca

Required Texts: The Norton Introduction to Literature. Portable, Tenth Edition. Booth and Mays, Eds.; The Little Seagull Handbook, Bullock and Weinberg; Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut

Documents on grammar and writing will be provided to students (via email or Moodle) at the start of the course. Please have these with you for the first two weeks of class.

Evaluation: grammar midterm (20%); pop quizzes, 10×2% each (20%); paper, 1200-1500 words (20%); corrected paper (10%); final exam (30%)

Week 1 Jan. 9 Introduction / Grammar / Essays Weeks 8/9 Feb. 25 – Mar. 6 KURT VONNEGUT Slaughterhouse Five
Weeks 2/3 Jan. 14 –23 Grammar / Essays Week 10 Mar. 11 WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE [“That time of year thou mayest in me behold”] /JOHN DONNE [“Batter my heart, three-personed God”] / JOHN KEATS “On the Sonnet” / SANDRA GILBERT “Sonnet: The Ladies’ Home Journal”
Week 4 Jan. 28 Midterm Exam (20%)   Mar. 13 W.B. YEATS “The Second Coming” / W. H. AUDEN “Musée des Beaux Arts”
  Jan. 30 KATE CHOPIN “The Story of an Hour” Week 11 Mar. 18 Paper Due (20%)ADRIENNE RICH “Diving into the Wreck”
Week 5 Feb. 4 WILLIAM FAULKNER “A Rose for Emily”   Mar. 20 SUSAN GLASPELL Trifles
  Feb. 6 ERNEST HEMINGWAY “Hills Like White Elephants” Weeks 12/13 Mar. 25 – Apr. 3 SOPHOCLES Antigone
Week 6 Feb. 11 JOHN UPDIKE “A & P” Weeks 14/15 Apr. 8 –15 TENNESSEE WILLIAMS A Streetcar Named Desire
  Feb. 13 RAYMOND CARVER “Cathedral”   Apr. 17 Corrected Paper Due (10%)Exam Review
Week 7 Feb. 18 & 20 Reading Week – No Class   TBA Final Exam (30%)

Grade Scale: A+ 91% to 100%; A 85% to 90%; A- 80% to 84%; B+ 77% to 79%; B 73% to 76%; B-70% to 72%; C+ 67% to 69%; C 63% to 66%; C- 60% to 62%; D+ 55% to 59%; D 50% to 54%; F <50%.

Course Policies: Papers handed in after the due date will be subject to a reduction of half a letter grade per day late, for up to four days. An “A” paper, in other words, will receive an “A-” grade if it is handed in one day late. After four days, the paper will receive a zero. All papers must be written in accordance with MLA rules for citation and style. A missed midterm or pop quiz will receive a zero. Paper extensions and test/quiz exemptions will be considered only for medical reasons, which must be supported by a doctor’s note.

Plagiarism is theft. If plagiarism is suspected, the matter will be investigated and, if found guilty, the student will fail the course and may face further penalty from the university.