English 4600N David Foster Wallace (2011)

English 4600
David Foster Wallace
W 15:00 – 17:50
UH B-730 Dr. Kiki Benzon
Office Hours: MF 15:00 – 16:00
UH B-810k

Required Texts: A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again; The Broom of the System; Girl With Curious HairInfinite JestBrief Interviews With Hideous Men; Oblivion; Consider the Lobster

Evaluation: 4 tests (5% each); presentation (30%); paper (40%); attendance and participation (10%)

Tests will cover reading material up to an including the day of the test. The purpose of the tests is to ensure that the reading assignments have been completed and understood. Tests will consist of short-answer questions and will take about 15 minutes to write.

Presentations: Students will sign up for a presentation date on the first day of class. Presentation topics will be suggested for each date and text, but students may devise their own topic so long has it is cleared by the professor at least a week in advance of the presentation.

Papers are due on April 18.

Prerequisites: any two 2000-level English courses.

Week 1: Jan 12 Introduction
Week 2: Jan 19 A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again
Week 3: Jan 26 The Broom of the System
Week 4: Feb 2 Test 1 (5%); Girl With Curious Hair
Week 5: Feb 9 Infinite Jest (—p. 200)
Week 6: Feb 16 Infinite Jest (—p. 400)
Week 7: Feb 23 Reading Week – No Class
Week 8: Mar 2 Test 2 (5%); Infinite Jest (—p. 600)
Week 9: Mar 9 Infinite Jest (—p. 800)
Week 10: Mar 16 Infinite Jest (—p. 1000)
Week 11: Mar 23 Test 1 (5%); Infinite Jest (—end)
Week 12: Mar 30 Brief Interviews With Hideous Men
Week 13: Apr 6 Oblivion
Week 13: Apr 13 Test 4 (5%); Consider the Lobster

Grade scale: A+ 91% to 100%; A 85% to 90%; A- 80% to 84%; B+ 77% to 79%; B 73% to 76%; B-70% to 72%; C+ 67% to 69%; C 63% to 66%; C- 60% to 62%; D+ 55% to 59%; D 50% to 54%; F

Course Policies: Papers handed in after the due date will be subject to a reduction of half a letter grade per day late. An “A” paper, in other words, will receive an “A-” grade if it is handed in one day late. All papers must be written in accordance with MLA rules for citation and style. Plagiarism is theft; if plagiarism is suspected, the matter will be investigated and, if found guilty, the student will fail the course and may face further penalty from the university. A missed test or presentation will receive a zero grade.